Welcome to Sleepy Mom Bliss (maybe rebranded soon!). 

I have always enjoyed writing. From writing a diary to poems and letters, essays and just plain writing for fun, I stopped writing many years ago. My job took over. I became busy. 

After becoming a mother, I felt the itch to write again. To pen down  my memories, to share tips, and write about experiences that I could potentially share with other moms. 

I wanted a platform to share all my experiences, struggles and memories of being a mom. This blog is for any mom, dad or parent figure who knows the bliss of being sleep deprived with a child. Originally named this blog 'sleepy mom bliss' but getting some weird traffic, I may have to re-brand this blog. Please throw in any suggestions you may have as a comment! Hopefully, we will get the right audience!

When I am not writing, I enjoy programming and front end engineering. I also like sunny days, rains and coffee, fall colors, spring colors and, of course sleeping! I also absolutely love cuddling my baby, especially when he doesn't keep me sleep deprived. I hope you find this blog interesting and useful. 

All views and stories expressed in this blog are my own, and not copied from anywhere. These are my experiences and tips from my perspective, and may not work for everyone. I would appreciate if you could quote me with a link to my blog, subscribe to my blog via email, or contact me with any suggestions on what to write next, feedback or improvements. Enjoy the sleepy retrospects of a mom and keep reading.

Amrita R 

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