Year one and counting

11:35 PM

Happy go lucky S. Here are some amazing things he has achieved this year.

  • Two, four and six teeth. Loves brushing (since March). 
  • Still shakes bum, but also dances sideways when we say 'Left Right Left Right' (since May)
  • Sensitive and Moody at times. Cheerful most of the other times
  • Imitates - we need to be careful what we say in front of him.
  • Words in native language:
              Mom - Amma
              Dad - Appa
              Elephant - Yaani
              Bow Bow - one of his most favorite words, used for any animal that remotely looks like a dog. Even the pet lion. Except Yaani, which he identifies as elephant.              
              Flower - Poo
              Bird - Kurvi/Koo Koo Koo
              Water - Akka. This is a word that can send chills down my spine. Once he says akka, we know he means business. Which brings me to the next word:
              Vessel, box, any miscellaneous item with a lid he wants - Dabba - this is his most favorite word, and can range from happy to angry to frustrated.
            Grandma - Thaathi. He used to say Ammama in Telugu a year ago, and thankfully addresses properly now. He no longer gets confused between amma and ammamma ;)
           Baby - paapa.Some days, he also looks at young women and calls them 'Baby'. Go figure.
  • Points at and gets things. 
  • Loves being held one minute, jumps out the next. Vice versa.
  • Loves looking out as we hold him, then come and hug us periodically. It just melts your heart and any irritation he causes.
  • Shouts when you ask 'Why are you shouting?' His expressions are precious as he discovers his own voice.
  • Loves mom's hair, particularly pulling them out. Calls my hair clip "Mummy"
  • Loves blowing bubbles and making fart sounds against us. He hasn't gotten bored with this. 
  • Loves scratching, pulling hair, pinching and seeing if we react. Then laughs if we do.
  • Sings - 'baa baba baa ba.. taka taaakakakatiathaatha'
  • Says 'amma appa amma appa' (Mommy, Daddy, Mommy Daddy) then says Ampa, ampi, ammi appi 
  • Loves to smile and close his eyes just to get hugs and kisses.
  • Tries walking with his eyes closed and smiling when he is extremely happy.
  • Does the forbidden and stare at us to see if we pick him  up, when we don't pick him up if he comes at us. For instance - pulling at the TV, playing with vessels, going near the fireplace/shoes/restroom etc.
  • Says 'Ahaa' when we sing to him, and he wants us to keep going, if we stop. The same applies for anything he likes - me singing nursery rhymes. My mom first noticed this when she was singing him to sleep and stopped for a few minutes. 
  • He also has learnt 'huggie' means a hug. Usually a good time to ask him for an esteemed hug is after his tummy is full, or after he just woke up in a good mood. 
  • And coming soon, the toddler tantrums.

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