Birthday wishes

10:27 PM

Feb 9, 2016

Dear Son, 

Today was a mix of emotions, happy to relaxed, sad to nostalgic. It was also a little hectic (mildly put) as you are now officially a 'toddler'.

I feel blessed to write this post on the occasion of my little one's first birthday. However, things didn't go as planned and the celebration was just getting to spend some quality time with him. We were based in Los Angeles for about three years, and recently moved out to the Northwest, so celebrations didn't go as planned. However, just spending time and celebrating at home and family, with you, made it very special.

I feel happy and relaxed. You are a cheerful baby whose expressions and active bum shaking can relieve anyone's stress. So, you made us very happy on your first birthday. 

I feel worried when you have some discomfort. I know it must be hard for you as you still aren't able to talk, and the only you express is by crying. You haven't been sleeping well off late (which meant I'm red eyed too) and I see your front upper tooth are almost cutting through your gums. Maybe that made you uneasy, maybe it's the cold. Or just the fact that you are getting even more attached to me and want me to be there beside you all the time, even when you sleep.

I feel guilty that I have fallen asleep when you wanted to play, or that I have left you to be with dad or grandmother/grandfather, when you wanted me to be there for you. I hope you can understand the situation and forgive me.

I feel sad that you are growing so fast, like all parents do.

I feel proud of you. You inspire us to stay happy and cheerful. You are also one who will put effort and get things. You have achieved so much in just this first year. From the delicate, frail looking tender one to a happy, somewhat chubby, toothless (upper) grins, you have come a long way. 

You have come a long way. In addition to giving us your first smile, grins, rolling over, crawling, sitting up, having your first tooth, sleeping through the night (most nights), you are now taking baby steps to walk. You are on your way to becoming an expert, cunningly holding on to us and keeping us close in case you fall. That innocent face makes you get away with a lot.

You have figured out a way to crawl in reverse, fall on your back and keep going back when you get frustrated. You have even learned how to fake fall.You refuse to sleep without mom, your spoon/pen/toothbrush or whatever it is that you hold on for hours.

All these actions make you even more adorable. You have kept all of us entertained every minute. I really do not know what I did all these years without you, my dear S. Life definitely changes after a baby, and sometimes it's exhausting, but it's also rewarding, joyful, fun and memorable.

I wanted to share as part of this post some advice that I hope to give to you S, when the time comes, on this special day. In fact, you have reminded me of these things without even knowing it.
  1.  Change is good. 
  2.  Having someone depend on you can be a good thing. It makes you accountable.
  3.  Family comes first. If it doesn't yet, make it top priority right now.
  4.  You can really see one's personality by the way he behaves around a small  baby/child. I have seen the most serious of people become a playful child.
  5.  Don't underestimate anyone, people are stronger than you think.
  6.  Don't underestimate yourself, you are the most important person in someone's life.
  7.  Not all days are bad, every cloudy day has a silver lining.
  8.  It is important to stay focused and work hard, if you want to hit a 'milestone'. The  baby steps are important to reach that ultimate goal. 
  9.  Focus on the long run, not the short term. 
  10.  Believe in karma. What you do today will come back to you tomorrow. So, be kind,  help others for no reason. It may seem stupid sometimes, but it will come back  some day and make your world better. 
  11.  I truly believe hard work and a go-get-it positive attitude  make all the difference  between what we term as success and failure. And as long as you are putting in an effort from your side, be assured you will be successful. 
  12.  A mother and father heavily influence the child. It is important to make sure the  influence is a positive one.
  13.  Let go of negative thoughts, as there is not much time or place for them anymore.
  14.  It is important to be on your toes at most times. 
  15.  It is even more important to take a step back, and take time out to do the little  things you love. 
  16.  Some days, it is okay to do nothing else, but spend time with your family. It's okay to be silly, playful and carefree some days.
  17.  Money is important, but time is even more important. Lost time can never be made  up for.
  18.  Live in the present, secure your future, but don't be too careful. 
  19.  Everything is temporary, a passing phase in life. Make a positive impact in the short  time you have, as nothing is permanent except what you leave behind. 
  20.  Learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. What sets you apart is when  you learn from them and evolve to be better.
Happy birthday to you, dear S! I pray that you achieve all that you wish for. I hope that you grow up to be a humble, simple, honest, family oriented man. Never underestimate the power of hard work and self worth. I wish you luck in whatever you do and want you to be a success in anything you undertake. 

Your mother

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  1. It is rally amazing to know the kind of love that you have showered on your little son on his first birthday. May God bless Suhanth and his lovely parents.looking forward to see many more write-ups of yours.

  2. It is rally amazing to know the kind of love that you have showered on your little son on his first birthday. May God bless Suhanth and his lovely parents.looking forward to see many more write-ups of yours.


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