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Bonding with baby is very important for the baby, and rewarding both for the mom (or dad) and the baby.  While it is hard to classify time in sections, below is an attempt at doing so.  I absolutely enjoy the following times with my dear son.

- Co sleeping - Though our pediatrician doesn't recommend this as we're trying to get the baby on a good sleep schedule, I find that co sleeping actually helps us both sleep better. It is also easier for baby to fall back asleep. I feel bad putting him in his crib. Initially I didn't co-sleep, till my baby was about 6+ months. Then, it became very tiring for me when he wanted to comfort feed at night. I felt guilty about making him cry or staying hungry, and initially I thought he was hungry. It took a while to stop the night feeds every two hours though, and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed on this.

[October sleep training update]: I don't usually co sleep the entire night though, just the last feed for the night, and then after about five hours. This ensures he doesn't feed every two hours and also goes to a deep sleep. If he gets up, he won't immediately try to feed. Things would be different if I was right beside him, then all hell would break lose if I didn't feed him. 

- Outdoors
I need to get more of this time with my little one. Each day passes and I feel I'm not doing as much as I should with showing him the outdoors, nature etc.. More on this possibly in another post. He loves his swing and watching the birds. Somedays he will doze off more often than not when we take him out.

- Talk time
He talks to me, and I talk back the same words to him. Nowadays he screams or squeals in excitement. 

[Milestone update Oct 23] : Suhanth is now able to recognize some words with objects, so I try showing him birds and nature and talking to him more. He also enjoys it when we sing or say rhyming words. As of today, he can identify the following objects - light, balloon (yes!), birds, good morning and the phone. When we say light, he will instinctively turn his head towards the nearest light source, and phone he identifies as we're slowly trying to get him to connect with all his grandparents and mom when she's away at work.

- Hugs and cuddle time
There is no limit to this. There shouldn't be. The more, the better. Enough said.

- Sitting together in our patio/balcony
As I work most days, when I come back home I look forward to any minute I can spend with my dear one. I love us both sitting and watch the cars go by, people walking their dogs, other babies in strollers, a flag that sways right outside our apartment and the sunset. We also enjoy the birds flying on their way back home and the colors of the sky. I also take some time to say a little prayer (sloka) that my baby can hear, and hopefully recite someday. Somehow, no matter how fussy he is, he is always in a better mood once we spend some time in our little patio. I wish I could take daily walks like the other moms I see outside, but most days I'm too tired with the drive, pumping and office work.
This time though is even better, as I can still get to hold Suhanth on my lap, hug him and show him around without having to put him away, say in a stroller. I am also planning to use the baby carrier that I got a while ago (he was too small to be placed safely in it at the time).

- Food time (solid food time)
I love looking at him when feeding him solids. Just the expectation when he sees his solid bowl set up and kicking his legs in excitement, while simultaneously making impatient sounds, really makes me laugh each time.

From the time he gets up to the time he crashes (on me), most time is on for play time. I make sure he gets plenty of this, and stimulation physically and mentally.  I also just be there with him while sometimes he plays and blabbers on his own. It gives him a sense of comfort but he is also able to be independent and not sitting on my lap all the time. 

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