Babies grow so fast!

10:07 PM

Today it is more than six months since my lovely precious Suhanth was born. I feel so happy to see him babble, feel my face and eat my face and acknowledging us by showing his hands to be lifted.

He was so small when we first exchanged glances. How pink he was, and how tenderly he came to me. I was even a bit scared to hold him and stared at him in disbelief.

He was such a delicate little bud, and is now blossoming into a handsome flower. My heart breaks a bit as I see him hitting each milestone, but I know it is part of being a mother.

I cannot begin to imagine the day when he will be a stubbly, grown up man and be awkward about mom hugging him in public. Not that it will probably stop me from doing so. I never thought my life would be so beautiful (aka sleep deprived and no coffee allowed) with this naughty little munchkin.

Today, he has learnt to lift his bum (the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life!) and move forward pushing with his head. He also loves sitting and being held (but of course).  Other milestones include smiling, giggling, rolling over.

On Aug 29, he started to crawl. Today, I see him trying to sit up. And fall. Over and over. He also hates it when I start to eat, and this is the time when he remembers how hungry, how sleepy he is. I feel like a cruel person eating without tending to him first. Then once I hold him, he will make farting and cooing sounds. Still, he melts my heart each time. I'm sure he will, all his life.

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