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We have been blessed with baby boy Suhanth on Feb 9, 2015. 

On Feb 5, 2015 I noticed a slight decrease in my baby movements. I was working from home that day as I was also feeling a bit low on energy. By evening, I decided the movements were way lesser than usual. It was good that I gave into my instincts. 

On Feb 6, 2015, we had a regular scheduled visit with my ob-gyn. She noticed two things right away and gave me some bad news and why the baby wasn't moving as expected, it was because the fluid in which the baby moves had become less. I was advised lot of rest and lot of water.

On Feb 8, 2015, we decided we wanted to go out to eat. I decided to also get all dressed up, in a sari bought by my mom. I decided it's time I dressed up well that I didn't do as much as I wanted, during pregnancy.

All set, went out to eat. Now normally, I cannot eat a lot in one shot, but since I became pregnant I definitely ate more often. This time though, I ate a lot, and a lot of greasy spicy food in one of our favorite restaurant. I highly recommend this Indian restaurant, for the pregnant and non pregnant alike :) As usual, more than me, my husband had craving to eat at this restaurant that day, and I had a pending craving (dhokla). I also indulged myself in their amazing Shrikandh. I was feeling so full I thought I will cry.

When we came home we took some pictures with me, my husband Karthik and mom. All trying different poses to highlight my baby bump.

Afternoon: Around 3 pm I started feeling pain, like we do when we have an upset stomach. I thought that I had way too much to eat. I ran to the restroom multiple times. Then I fell asleep with my mom as hubby dear was snoring way too much :)

When I got up, I felt better but then there was a pain in my stomach. I regretted eating so much. Slowly, I tried walking for about 15-20 mins. By 5 pm the pain was kind of getting very uncomfortable. I tried taking a bath next, like the nurse I called up at L&D services had recommended. I took bath for almost 45 mins, during which the pain seemed to subside. When I got dressed though, it came back. I knew something was up, maybe it was food poisoning as both my mom and husband felt.

At about 7 pm I vomited. I decided we should try monitoring the pain more closely at a hospital instead of me cribbing about it at home. At 8 pm I was in the hospital, feeling very tired.

Around 8:30 pm I vomited again, and the nurse mentioned that generally before labor, people vomit everything out. Not to mention I used the restroom about 5 times in the next half hour. I was given IV and my contractions were monitored. I was also checked for dilation but nothing seemed to point labor was up anytime soon. The nurse who came next, to refill the IV, said they cannot monitor my contractions accurately if I move around - aka writhe in pain. So, there I was, holding myself from moving as one more contraction after another came in.

After about two hours, when the nurse who was closely monitoring me came back, she seemed a bit surprised that this time my contractions were more regular. She also checked me for dilation and said I was about 1 cm dilated but I could still safely go back home. Both my mom and me looked at each other and knew that that might not be feasible. We requested another hour of being monitored, and she agreed, all this while giving me some dose of medicine to stop me from dilating any further (as I was still a week or two earlier than full term).

After another two hours of painful contractions, I decided to call her again to check my dilation. She didn't seem very enthusiastic about it. However, I started bleeding soon after and she checked me, and I was about 4 cm dilated (all this in about an hour). I clearly remember her saying, 'Oh god she is 4 cm dilated I think she's going to deliver very soon, she dilated in about half an hour'. They rushed me into emergency, my mom in tears and husband looking very tensed.

Feb 9, 2015: Many people say they don't remember a thing or vaguely remeber. The first thing I recall as I was being rushed into the labor room, was my mom sobbing. It broke my heart but made me stronger somehow to deal with the pain. I also remember having these forceful, unstoppable, painful contractions, and shivering involuntarily,  All the while I was trying to listen carefully to instructions.

Push, push and more pushing. At about 4:45 am my baby decided it was time.

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