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After about a month, we bought some toys to entertain baby. I would suggest to keep toys minimal and keep a few for variety. There is nothing like yourself to entertain the baby. My baby enjoys me making funny sounds, faces and movements more than the toys. However, when we want to take a break, we give him toys to play with. 

In the second week of March (he was about a month and half), we bought him some toys. We didn't want to buy too many toys and start slow. Go with what you like. 
- Rattle - any small, simple rattle should do as long as it's soft to the touch.  
Twinkling lights crib - we use it to calm and distract the baby and his eyes alertly follow the lights. I like that the music and lights would go off after some time. 
Lamaze musical inchworm toy - my baby sometimes doesn't enjoy this toy as much, sometimes he smiles a lot. I also use it for his tummy time. 
- Play gym - we got this one from toys rus (we had a gift card). We selected the Singalong version as it had a musical lights thing (again) that the baby can pull (probably will do it after another month or so).  But, this one's very close and it's 20+ dollars cheaper. Here are some good brands. Make sure you check the dimensions as babies grow fast, buy one that is at least 23 inches or more. 

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