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Before you buy anything, remember that all a baby needs is a comforting set of hands, lot of cuddling, skin to skin touching, clean and dry bum, and feeding every two to three hours. 

This post has some brand recommendations and is an updated post to the below list of essentials. This post covers some must haves for mom too. 

Original post: Essential list of things to have for a newborn

  • Car seat 
Absolute must have and get it installed right. We didn't, it was stressful the first few weeks with scheduled doctor visits and follow ups. We bought the Click Connect (snug ride 35) Graco model that comes with a stroller too. Go to any baby store to physically get a feel of the weight, features, and size. Go with a 5 point system as it's more secure.
  • Bassinet / crib / co-sleepers / Baby and play - still recommend one of these. 
  • Ingenuity Washable Playard: I got this one as it's washable. Seven months and this is still growing strong. It also saves space, as it consists of not only a bassinet, but also a changing table, and playard. 
We didn't feel the need for  separate changing table, living in an apartment. My baby loves the changing table for some reason, maybe it is the right height to do eye to eye contact for me. Baby loved the dream center for the first 6 weeks, but because it wasn't straight for baby's back, we made him sleep on the bassinet below it. The bassinet is netted allowing me to see my baby from my bed (while he can't see me yet) and providing ventilation. This is not as good as a co-sleeper but gives me peace of mind. 

  • Storage space - we bought a storage cube from Target and some storage bins (also from Target). They need to be assembled, and should probably be set up within the seventh month. Ask your significant other or take help from someone, don't do it alone. 
  • Hand sanitizer (or soap) - You won't need anything fancy as long as you don't touch baby while wiping your hands dry. I really like the Babyganics foaming sanitizer - it is alcohol free.
  • Rocking/reclining chair/couch - cannot recommend enough. It might be helpful to buy a rocking bed for baby. I use it every night even though it is more painful than a reclining seat for baby, because I love to bond with him as he relaxes with me. 
  • Diapers - we tried Pampers, Huggies, Babyganics, and earth's best. Huggies and pampers stink but the chlorine free diapers don't, for some reason. Earth's best diapers were my least favorite. Huggies and Babyganics were favs, but my husband likes Pampers better as they cover the back and bum better. 
               Eco-friendly alternative: Cloth diapers. 
  • Baby wipes, and rash cream - tried a lot, Huggies seems most economical and with relatively lesser harmful chemicals (it does contain alcohol in some form). I loved the honest company, but they are not going to be affordable in the long run. 
               Eco-friendly alternative: Warm water, some cotton or a warm clean towel. This is about as easy as it gets.
  • Baby detergent
  • Baby clothes - we have bibs, onesies, undies, shirts, pants covered. We enjoyed the hospital provided swaddlers and also bought a set of muslin cotton swaddlers by Anais. Don't buy too  many clothes in one size. My baby was a 'premie size' in some, and 'newborn' in others. Also, do buy a few in 0-3 months, then 3-6 months so you will be covered if your baby is bigger or smaller. They grow so fast, it will be a waste of money if you invest too much at this point. 
In the first two to three weeks, till your baby's umblical cord falls off, you wouldn't want to bathe your baby with water dripping on him/her. You should sponge clean, especially the face, neck, hands and bottom. A cotton ball or small hand towel with warm water should be enough.

After that, I recommend: 
  • Bath tub - Whale of a tub by Fisher price.
          Eco-friendly option: Your own two legs, place the baby in a secure position and bathe your munchkin easily. 
  • Baby massage oil. Shea moisture brand works well as it is a mild product. My baby has started enjoying massages more particularly of his legs and toes. 
  • Baby wash - Baby bee shampoo and wash from Burt's bees has been working well.
Toys: babies really don't need any toys in the first month. You heard me right. None. Not in the first month for sure. If you are willing to put time you won't need to put money for your baby in this regard.

    For moms that intend to breastfeed, I recommend having a nipple cream, breast pump, breast pads and some nice wirefree nursing bras. Breast pumps might be fully covered under insurance. They can be expensive otherwise. 

    Here is a link to what is not needed. Each baby and parents needs are different so this article may not be exhaustive. 

    Also, found this fun site which I think covers almost all essentials for a new mom/baby: 

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