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Today I want to write about my overall experience with my pregnancy. I have a diary in which I write about extremely personal things, but I do want to blog about how it has been so far for me.

First of all, being a mother is a great feeling. It is amazing to have a life growing inside of you, and I do believe that a lady becomes a mom as soon as she is pregnant.

She has to take care of herself, eat well, exercise and relax, if not for herself, but for the sake of the baby. This is the first big step in becoming a mother, taking care of someone more than you would possibly care for yourself.

Men, in my opinion, become fathers only when they experience something tangible. My husband is not yet a dad, in my opinion. Or maybe he doesn't express himself the way I do. I do see him getting very excited and happy, after he has felt and seen the baby move or kick, though sometimes he just wants to move away and sleep as he gets overwhelmed. Still, I don't see him express any of the emotions I do, but then he is not the pregnant one. He does get food cravings though :)

The best part is when the baby moves inside the belly. It simply cannot be expressed in words what is felt each time. Some days I just sit back and relax so I can see/feel my baby move and placing a hand when he moves makes me connect even more.

Next, I consider myself lucky. I didn't have (a lot of ) nausea or other horrible symptoms that people talk of. At the time of writing this blog, I have already delivered my sweet little precious one. I will, however talk about that in a different post for shortage of time.

For all the lucky ones who are mothers, or on the verge of becoming one, I salute you.

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