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Shopping for a newborn baby, especially if it is your first one, need not be stressful. You do not need as much as what is marketed these days, but being prepared is definitely going to help. Here is my bare minimum list of essentials, with a focus on baby. I will provide specifically recommended brands and products in the related post below. 

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I found this readymade list very useful, you can even print it and check off what you want. You may definitely not want to buy everything in the list, but it's good to start planning in advance. 

Car seat

Many car seats can be attached to a stroller. The car seat is a must, but stroller is a nice to have feature. You cannot leave the hospital with a baby and no car seat to take your little one home, so make sure you get this installed beforehand. 


It is great if you are able to feed your baby from day one. However, it is important to check with your baby's pediatrician before buying a specific brand or formula. We bought Enfamil Newborn Formulaas it was recommended to us. We found it to be great for the first ten days of our child to ensure he didn't lose too much water weight and continued to develop while my milk came in.

Changing table

We don't have anything fancy, just a normal table for starts. We will of course invest and buy if we feel the need. Right now it doesn't seem that important.

Bassinet,  crib or co-sleeper

You need a product to make your baby sleep safely and cozily.


Buy a couple of different sizes. Buy a standard brand and the sensitive, non scented versions to start off with. 

I did not use wipes in the initial few months. I used water, round cotton swabs and a small spray bottle to clean little one's bum. I also used the soft facial tissues to make them dry but once clean you can use soft cotton cloth too.

Baby massage oil 
Try a mix of coconut and almond oils, which can also double as a rash cream. 

Baby wash

Baby clothes and detergent

We have bibs, onesies, undies, shirts, pants covered. We are yet to buy swaddlers.

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