New year - new beginnings

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 Each year marks a fresh beginning, as the word 'new' evokes. There is hope for some improvements. We all aim to become better people and this year is no different. Hopefully, at the end of the year I can say that I hit many of the goals that I aimed to, at the start of this year. I do believe that anytime is a good time for positive changes, but a new year is a good place to start.

I had an old blog which, while good, has gotten me bored. I would like to try blogger and see how it works for me. Also, while wordpress gave me several customization options, it is not free if I want to do anything really fancy, and limited to 3 GB. Will switch back if I feel differently later. 

Anyway, back to new year resolutions and what I think the new year has in store for me. This new year will mark some major life changes. A kid will be on the way soon. Finally. I'm not kidding. More on this later, I would like to dedicate at least a bunch of posts to this eventually, assuming I will have some time to breathe. 

In addition to me trying to commit back to blogging on a somewhat regular basis, I have some more goals. Some of which have been copied over from last year, some are brand new :) 

Here are a few that I have decided to try, this 'new' year. 

Try a minimalist approach. I have recently been reading about minimalism and am finding it fascinating. It is such a simple concept that we should be less attached to materialistic things, but let's see how easy it will be to put it in practice. I will add a post on how I aim to achieve this with a list of things to get rid of, and steps I'm taking. 

Read more. I wish I had more time to do this. I did borrow some books last year from the library but I don't' think I have sat down and read for more than an hour. And I have not finished even one book the entire last year. 

Communicate better. I have tried this before, but maybe I can try it again. I will try to be a little less straightforward and little more gentle and polite in my ways. Not everyone feels I'm bad at this, but I know there are people who do and I would like to make it easier for everyone. 

Reduce clutter consistently.  And keep things that way. Consistency is what I'm trying to achieve. There are days when I just get up from morning to evening and feel great at the end of the day, but the feeling doesn't last. This goal also has a nice side effect, to donate and/or recycle more. 

Exercise, and with a schedule. Do yoga regularly. Again, consistency is what is hard for me. Though I've been active pretty much the entire last year, it was badminton for a few weeks, running for a few and walking regularly. I even bought a yoga mat but have used it only a few times.

Be a good mom, a good wife, daughter etc. To be a good mom and wife, I am guessing just cooking more meals at home will be enough :) And I guess I can be a better daughter by not calling dad for every single piece of 'elderly' advice :) This will be the year when I am more into family and less into work, at least for a few months. 

Save more. With a new addition to the family, I'm sure it will be very important to save. But I would also like to do something with the savings periodically or invest in something good. 

Take time to relax. Keep at least an hour or two just for myself, and do something that I absolutely love but claim to have no time for. 

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