Attempts at decluttering and being more organized

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I'm penning down thoughts on how I will try to get rid of excesses when possible. This will help me focus on things that are more important, and listing them out will ensure (how) I stay on track. 

Here are some steps I plan to incorporate, starting with my house. 

Starting with a list of things:
  • Clothes: Sort out and eliminate a bag or two. I  have already made progress on this, as I do so each year by donating at least one bag each year. This year I hope I can donate a lot more. The challenge here is letting go of something that either 'might be used in the future' or something that is rarely used, but expensive. Today I had a friend mention that her spouse had difficulty giving up clothes of different sizes, because there 'might be a possibility' of gaining or losing some weight in the future. This is exactly the thought process I will have to try and give up - 'what if' when I know deep down I would never wear those clothes given a choice. 
  • Excess of the same stuff - Like mentioned above, will start off with the duplicates. Pens, stationery, utensils, decorations (some bought from a dollar store but having emotional attachment to) are just a few basic things to get rid of. 
  • Makeup and medicines - I don't use lipstick as much as I would like or nail polish, and I definitely don't need more than one set of compact powder or foundation. The only real thing I use on a daily basis is my lip balm, some moisturizer with sunscreen, and eye liner.  While cleaning my collection of stuff very recently, I found some nail designer and paint brushes which I bought in an enthusiastic mood to try 'nail art' but ended up using only twice or thrice - more than a year ago. I haven't had time to color my nails recently, forget doing designer artwork on them. Still, I have some emotional attachment. I'll try using them and see if I am able to, or get rid of them in the next 2-3 months. Same with medicines especially those I don't remember what they are for. Though these don't take up much space, I can definitely use up the lesser clutter this brings about.
  • Vessels, plastic containers, food items that aren't used - I can't believe how many excess one dollar something plastic stack-able boxes I have - for possible future use. I have wanted to use them, but they don't seal close and can open anytime, which makes me scared of using them anyway for anything useful.  I will see if I can find a use for them in the next month, or off they go for donation. The sad part, they have been barely used.
  • Jewelry - especially with excesses of bangles, earrings that I bought when I was newly married      (more than two years ago) but still use only very occasionally. The emotional attachment is there -  I got them from India, I was newly married, they look very nice (in that jewelry box).  That also brings me back to the traditional clothes that I haven't been able to fit in the last 6+ months, and I probably won't in the next six months at least.
  • Books - Get rid of all the books which I have been planning to complete in more than two years and haven't found the time. If needed, I can continue to borrow books from the nearest library, which is at a convenient walking distance. 

I also definitely aim to spend a few hours each weekend till I reach a comfortable point, and have extra space in every closet in the house. I have a feeling that I will only get better and this and have a perfectionist view with very less things, and I hope things will stay that way. 

This will help me with space for a new baby, and help me keep the house organized and neat more easily. I typically spend at least 2+ hours each weekend (both Saturday and Sunday, excluding the time for laundry) which I will hopefully decrease once I get rid of more things. 

Here are some useful links that I have found even made me change the way I think on certain aspects.

Stage your home for living. I really liked this concept, that we should stage our home as if we were to sell it. That way, we can actually enjoy our house in the best way than keeping it clean and ready for someone else to buy.

I also like that if we are not attached to physical things, it helps us clear a lot of emotional clutter as well. Cleaning out the house (and keeping it that way) requires effort, but the rewards are worth every bit of time spent. It also helps clear emotional clutter, which is generally why we're attached to physical things in the first place.

My mom is coming to visit as my date is due, and her two bags of luggage are more than the allowed limit. I'm worried, but my plan is to get rid of at least two items (mine or my darling husband's) for one item of the baby. This way I will be able to continue to make space for the baby and have extra space at the same time. Wouldn't that be relaxing, no more maintenance of all those extra clothes, stuff I know I will never use but can't get rid of etc.

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