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Forgive me for the stupidly obvious post title. Well, it won't be very obvious if I continue to update this blog. Those who know me, know that I can be a very lazy person. Anyway, the reason, even if it's already obvious, is that I'm creating a 'new' blog. I'm getting tired of some of the limitations of WordPress.

While I do not intend to get rid of my older blogs altogether, I will keep this more active for something other than my mundane, even boring, life. I want to be able to write about some of the things I believe in, support, like, and want to share in general. These can be minuscule tangible/non-tangible things that no one else cares about, but things that I'm passionate about.

I have always liked writing. I was always weak at Mathematics, but not so bad at English.

I'm not sure of the need to maintain two blogs yet, but I do want to try another blogging site than WordPress. At least a little more extensively than I've tried others before. And if I realize that I could write in depth about one particular topic, I'll dedicate this blog to that :)

Update 2015: I did find something that I'm very passionate about - my baby. So this blog is dedicated to motherhood, my baby and family, and all the blissful musings I can pen down during this journey.

So, here goes.

I am a relatively older mom in her early thirties (ouch, cannot believe it yet), and an almost nine month old baby - at the time of writing Nov 2015. More later. 

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